red, white and black currants

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red, white and black currants

The currants are all summer to get on the market.
The red currants are by far the most acid.
White currants are less acidic,an have a better taste.
Black currants can not be eaten raw,
but are very healthy. Use these berries in jams,
or homemade lemonade.

The red current

redcurrant cuttings

Currants are most easily propagated by the use of cuttings
Cut in the autumn a bare branch off. Cut of the top of
the twig, this is not used. Keep the twig and store it
in a cool place in a bunch. Avoid frying and drying out
of that bunch. In the start of spring use those twigs
again , place them in a pot , under glas. Use cutting

The currants among other soft fruit on the market.
In late July, early August is the largest supply
of soft fruit.

currants in the garden

The easiest way is to use the shrub as a hedge
Usually only one bush is enough for youre own use.
But If youre wanna have more then 1 cureentbush,
place the next one more than one meter away.
Put youre currantsshrubs in a sunny
place. Avoid windy places: the currants will be
contaminated with aphids. The soil should not be
too wet, the best soils that contain chalc and
have a moist structure.

pruning currants

When many oudhout will be pruned away the bush.
out the years many large currants, do not you
there are many small berries.

current cultivars

White currants are more productive than red and
the best cultivars are Ribes 'White Yellow Steel'
and Ribes' White Dutchman ".
Red currants are sour and you should use
nets to be grown, otherwise the birds will find quickly.
Ribes 'Jonkheer van Tets' sheet is often used
in England, and is disease resistant, but has certainly
not the highest production.

white current jelly

1 kilo white currents or red current
250 gram suger. 1 pouch of pectine.
cook for 10 minutes in a thin layer of water,
boil slowly, Put the berries in a fine seive,
to remove the juice.
Add the sugar and pectin and boil this and
then simmer 1 minutes.


1kg red current
halve a kilo of sugar
2 lemon.
Zip the berries from the stems,
Put the berries in a large pan.
add the juice of the lemon.
crush the berries with a wooden piece
spoon, and dissolve the sugar in it.
Allow to cook briefly, 2 minutes
do not forget to stir.
pour this into hot clean jars
invert the jars , and let it cool
down slowly.

Red currants are the body of Flipje of Tiel, the symbol of the Dutch jam-industrie.