common bistort

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Common Bistort

Persicaria bistorta
A native perennial with pink-red spikes to 1 meter
high. This plant blooms throughout the summer.
The flowers of the Common Bistort are visted by
bees. Cows do not like the root and will only
consume it when all the grass has been eaten.
Common Bistort belongs to the viper family

The leaves are edible and have a spinach taste
but the snake-like root is slightly toxic.
This snake-like root gives the name "bistort".

Common Bistort in the garden

The surface should be moderately rich in nutrients,
and humid, and prefers a place near a pond or ditch.

Common Bistort flowers early

Common Bistort starts growing early in the spring
and uses its reserve food in its long root.

Cultivars of the common bistort

The most well known cultivar is Persicaria
bistorta 'Superba' : The flowers are larger and
has more bright colors then the common bistort.

Polygonaceae or knotweed family

A large plant family of plants with swollen node joints on
their stem. The leaves are simple and arranged
alternately on the stems .
Most of this family is called Persicaria, these plants
grow in the half shade and prefer moist ground.

- common bistortPersicaria bistorta)
- Himalayan knotweed (Persicaria wallichii)
- Pale Persicaria (Persicaria lapathifolia)
- Small Water-pepper (Persicaria minor)
- Redshank (Persicaria maculosa)
- Amphibious Bistort Persicaria amphibia)
- Water Pepper (Persicaria hydro piper)
- Zachte duizendknoop (Persicaria mitis)
- Tasteless Water-pepper (Persicaria mitis)

-Fallopia or Silver lace
Well known members are:
Garden sorrel

    Common Bistort

    Introduced plants

    Some imported plants are already native in the netherlands
    for over hundred years. These plants flower very early in
    spring and most have bulbs or thick rhizomes that provide the
    extra energy to be the first in spring that flowers.
    These imported plants have dissapeared during summertime.

    Leopards bane or doronicum


    Summer snowflakeeng



    Yellow anemoan.


    Blue Anemoon (Anemone Apennina)

    Pulmonaria officinalis


    Adderwort, snakewort Polygonum bistorta


    Star of Bethlehem

    Snake Head's Fritillary
    Grecian Windflower

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