Field bindweed or morning glory or convolvulus arvensis

Field Bindweed or morning glory

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Field bindweed or Morning glory

A perinnial plant and a very fast climber, but
it creeps as well .
As its grows very vast it can overwhelm and choke the
plants in youre garden and is hard to erradiate.
Field bindweed can be found all over the world.

The bindweed has covered an ivy.

Hedge Bindweed or Calystegia sepium

Don't confuse the Field Bindweed with Hedge Bindweed.
Hedge Bindweed has mostly white flowers and field bindweed has
always pink-white flowers. But sometimes Hedge bindweed
has pinkflowers. Hedgebindweed has larger flowers
and grows even faster.

Bindweed control

The only way to control the Field Bindweed is to
by removing the rhizomes. And after doing that
attack all the new sprouts with all you have.

Field bindweed and also hop are both
left-turning , a rare thing by climbing plants.

    Field bindweed or convolvulus arvensis

    Growing between the rey

    On fields with rey some plants
    can be found, adapted to poor grounds
    and the fast growing ray.
    These plants were once very common, there
    seeds mixed with the rey. But nowadays the
    rye has almost dissapeared and there
    has been much technical progression in
    removing those out of the rey.
    Creeping thistle
    Field Bindweed
    Corn flower
    Forking Larkspur
    Ranunculus arvensis
    Scarlet Pimpernel


    These are the most terrible weeds that can penetrate
    youre garden, and how to remove them :
    Bishop's weed
    Field horsetail
    Larger Bindweed
    common chickweed
    common sorre
    Wild Radish
    Common Knotgrass
    Couch Grass

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