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Avocado start ripening once they are harvested so not before the harvesting. In fact they can remain on the tree for a very long period, more then a year. In that period, the tree starts flowering again,and produces new avocado's while the avocado's from the last year are still on the tree. Ripe avocado's have a skin that is black, with soft light green tissue.

Avocado as a pot plant

Avocado is often grown as a pot plant, starting from a pit - use unrefrigerated avocado's - clean the pit - the pit should be with on third into water. - - don't forget to repot youre avocado. - avocado is a fast growing potplant. - don't forget to repot youre avocado.

avocado oil Avocado oil is lightgreen oil, that is used in the kichen in much the same way as olive oil. This oil has a high boiling point (270 degrees celsius) and is also a bit more expensiv then olive oil. The color and taste resembles that of the avocado themselves
. The oil is produced with the same press as olive oil is processed, wenn not in use for the olives. Avocado oil is mainly produced from windfall fruit or from avocado's that are not suitable to sell.

avocado olie in cosmetics Avocado is used in many skin products and cosmetics as the oil penetrastes easely the skin. But this oil is not produced by pressing the avocado's but by removing the water by drying, 65% of the avocado consists of water.

avocado salade

Remove skin and seed of youre avocado, Chop the avocado and sprankle it wih lemon juice, together with black pepper. finished.

Hass Avocado

This is by far the most important avocado
cultivar worldwide, this avocado combines long
shell-life with less vulnerability as the skin
is much thicker. The color is darkgreen, and wenn
ripe purplish black, ovaly shaped.

Avocado seed planting

It is very easy to sprout youre avocado seed, after eating an avocado. use unrefrigerated avocado's. There are several ways to do this, poking a toothpick at one third of its height is often seen. Let the seed perch, slightly immersed into the water. Wait a month or more before germinating starts. Dont forget to chanche the water, otherwise the roots start to rot. Set the seed with its base down.

Avocado as a pot plant

Put youre young avocado plant near a window. Pruning back a stem or pinching out the growing tip stimulates branching. There will never grow fruit on youre avocado. Also , there will never appear flowers on youre indoor acocado. Don't forget to repot youre avocado.

avocado en guacamole

Guacamole is een mengsel van avocado en citroensap, waarvan de citroensap de bruinverkleuring van de groene avocado verhinderd. Typisch erbij zijn fijngesneden uien en tabasco saus en knoflook. Ook kan: koriander en pepers. Guacamole wordt bij veel mexicaanse gerechjten gegeten, bijvoorbeeld als dipsaus voor chips of frites.

guacamole met sourcream

2 2 avocados
1 limoen of een halve uitgeknepen citroen
1 vleestomaat , in kleine blokjes
1 spaanse peper, zeer fijn gesneden
1 potje sour cream , voor koude gerechten
5 teentjes knoflook, gehakt (of meer naar smaak)
Bereiding gebruik alleen het vruchtvlees van de avocado,
meng deze met de eveneens fijngesneden limoen of citroen, voeg pepertje erbij, knoflook
en de sourcream. Eventueel kan erbij : fijngehakt: korianderblad, ui, bosui.