Lady's bedstraw, Yellow bedstraw

Lady's bedstraw,

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Lady's bedstraw, Yellow bedstraw

A perennial herb with an abundance of small
delicate yellow flowers with a sweet honey fragrance.
Yellow bedstraw is indigenous to Asia and Europe.
This herb usually grows up to a height of
one meter.

the dye of Lady's Bedstraw

The roots can be extracted for a red dye,
and the flowers are used to produce a yellow dye.

Lady's Bedstraw

Yellow bedstraw prefers sandy
chalky soil and is common in the dunes.
It can be found at roadsides.

Lady's Bedstraw flowering

The flowering period is long, throughout the summer
until the mid of autumn.

Lady's Bedstraw and Elephant Hawkmoth (Deilephila elpenor).
This snakelike caterpillar comes in green and black.
This caterpillar is up to 8 inches long
when disturbed it moves its his head slightly and moves
the 'neck' to and fro. The kidney-shaped eye-like
stains and "head" (actually the front
of the body) makes it looks like a snake.
This caterpillar feeds on Fuchsias as well.

Lady's Bedstraw and Orobanche caryophyllacea

Orobanche caryophyllacea is parasitic on the roots of bedstraw.
Its tiny seeds infiltrate the roots of the bedstraw
Orobanche caryophyllacea is very rare and is
not seen in some years. This is especially true
when the spring started dry.

Lady's Bedstraw, Galium verum

yellow bedstraw in the garden

This is an often abundant flowering perennial
seen in gardens, it has fine flowers
that can be seen during a long period

Bedstraw between sheets

Lady's Bedstraw was dried used as a means against
fleas and therefore used to stuff mattresses,
Also the coumarin scent (hay scent) of the
the bedstraw made a pleasant fragrance.
The flowers give a yellow dye off, so you
have to place it in a bag.

Mother nature between the sheets!

Give youre pillows a taste of parfume by
placing some leaves between them.
You can use these leaves:

Lemon verbena
Lady's bedstraw