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A rare annual plant that grows in grainfields on poor grounds.
It needs the wheat, barley or rey for support.
The black seeds are very poisionous.

Corncockle and Poppies between the rey in june.

cultivars for the garden

Agrostemma githago "Ocean pearl" has white flowers.
Remove the flowers directly after flowering fot more
flower production.

Corncockle usage

Corncockle needs support from other stems to lean on.
Collect the seed at the end of the summer, so you can
sow it in the spring. .

The corncockle in fall.

    Corncockle of Agrostemma githago

    Growing between the rey

    On fields with rey some plants
    can be found, adapted to poor grounds
    and the fast growing ray.
    These plants were once very common, there
    seeds mixed with the rey. But nowadays the
    rye has almost dissapeared and there
    has been much technical progression in
    removing those out of the rey.
    Creeping thistle
    Field Bindweed
    Corn flower
    Forking Larkspur
    Ranunculus arvensis
    Scarlet Pimpernel

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