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Borage, starflower or Borago officinalis

A beautiful vegetable and herb that flowers during
the summertime. The young green leaves can be eaten.
This plant is annual but there is no need to sow it
every spring as it produces offspring easely.

Starflower or boragae.

Starflower recipes

Mixed salat

This mixed salat is quite basic
Take 200mg mixt lettuce, like Rucola or Iceberg
Add to this : The young leaves of Starflower,
Dandalion, Spinat,
Starflower,Nasturtium, English Marigold
Vinaigraitte or as salad dressings:
5 spoons of oil (oliv oil extra-virgin )
garlic/salt/black pepper

Starflower as a vegetable

The fresh young leaves are chopped very tasteful, having a
Cucumber fragrance.

Starflower tea

Hold a chopped young leave in a glas with boiled water
for 10 minutes.

Starflower vinagar

The blue flowers color vinagar in a beautiful blue.
It has no effect on the taste.


The seeds of Starflower contain GLA-linolacid in a
high concentration, GLA[linolacid is transformed into
prostaglandine E1, an anti-inflammotoire drug.

starflower and bees

Starflower is often visited by bees and solitary
bees. The flowers are hanging down.
Starflower honey is rarely available.