creeping, meadow and Goldilocks Buttercup or Ranunculus repens and acris

creeping and tall Buttercup

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Corn Buttercup or ranuculus arvensis

Creeping Buttercup or Ranunculus repens

A very common flowering perrenial that can color
grassland yellow by the color of its flowers.
It forms rhizomes and spread very fast, and can
become a nuisance weed. Cows don't eat it because
of its bad taste. Creeping Buttercuop gets half
a meter high.

Creeping buttercup has three-lobed dark green leaves
that grow out of the node and middle of that three
lobed has a short stem. The tall buttercup is much
higher and has three equal formed lobes.

1 common hogweed (Herculeum sphondylium)
2 Caraway (Carum carvi)
3 cow parsley ( Anthriscus sylvestria)
4 Yarrow(Achilles millefolium)
5 Meadow Salsify (Tragopogon pratensis)
6 Field Scabious (Knautia arvensis)
7 buttercup (Ranunculus acer)
8 Meadow Crane's-bill, (Geranium pratense)
9 Dandalion (tarazacum officinalis)
10 Common Bird's-foot (lotus corniculatus)
11 Burying Beetle (Necrophorus vespilloides)

The colors of the grassland

white : Cow Parsley, daisy

lilla : cuckoo flower

yellow : dandelion, buttercup

grey : flowering grasses

red : sorrel


    Buttercup is a very common weed and slightly poisionous.
    Cows avoid eating it.

    In the garden

    Removing buttercup is only partly useful as every part of root
    forms a new plant.


    The biggest enemie is the Garden snail
    , Its not senstiv for the poison.

    the Meadow or Tall buttercup

    A common weed that can get up to a meter high.

    The Meadow buttercup or Tall buttercup buttercup

    The golden buttercup.

    Goldilocks Buttercup

    The Goldilocks buttercup resembles
    the creeping buttercup but the lobes of the leaves are often fused.


    These are the most terrible weeds that can penetrate
    youre garden, and how to remove them :
    Bishop's weed
    Field horsetail
    Larger Bindweed
    common chickweed
    common sorre
    Wild Radish
    Common Knotgrass
    Couch Grass

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