grass frog or common frog or rana esculenta
Dr.O.Smeil:"kikvorschen", about 1900:
1 Yellow-Bellied Toad , Red-Bellied Toad (Bombina variegata ,Bombina bombina) 2 Brown frog (rana temporalis) 3 3 Edible frog (rana esculenta).
4 European tree frog (hyla arborea) 5 common toad (bufo bufo)

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common frog

rana temporalis or grass frog

What they eat

The common frog eats only living, moving food like
fruit flies (daphnia) and crickets.
The grass frog eats housefly when its mature.
A frogg eats everything that fits in its mouth,
for example : young mouses, small birds and young frogs.

the Grass frog, were does it live

Common frogs can be found in woodlands, gardens and in the
fields. But always on moist places.

Common frog and its skincolor

The body color of the Common frog can vary: brown
or olive green, yellow and very dark are possible,
but there is always a dark spot behind the eyes.


The common frog can breathe through its skin.
This enables it to hibernate for several months
beneath piles of mud and decaying leaves underwater.
But the waterquality needs to be good.

Common frog in a terrarium

In a terrarium they don't hibernate, and stay
active. Be aware of kannibalism, large frogs
will eat the very young ones. In the spring
until mid summer youre pet frogs will produces
all kind of mysterial soft sounds in the evening.
They don't have a vocal sack so you can enjoy
youre sleep. Young grass frogs can slowly
climb against glass and thus escape

The eggs from the common frog are laid in large blobs.

unusual pets

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great pond snail,
edible frog
common frog
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    Common frog an edible frog are very simulair in their distribution.

    This common frog is an easy pet

    In the hands of Adri.

    A common frog can become very adapte to people and its
    easy to cmmunicate with them or feed them by hand.

    Comonfrog (right above) together with edible frog
    (left above) and Moorfrog. the beetle is an Burying beetle
    A painting from Jac.P.Thijsse, about the fin du siecle,
    in the little book": "heide en dennen".

    illustrations made by Jac.P.Thijse

    On this website you can see many illustrations
    and prints used in the books of Jac.P.Thijsse,
    He wrote about the nature in the Netherlands and Belgium.

    Common frog
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    These frogs live happy together in my paludarium

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