Cypress spurge or Euforbia cipressina

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Cypress spurge

Cypress spurge is nowadays rare in the fields.
But it can be found in gardens. This plant contain a white milky poison.


From the start of spring, until the end of juli, Cyprus spurge has
nice yello-greenih flowers.

Cyrus spurge

    Nettles(6) (urtica dioica)
    Large black sludge(1)(arion empiricorum or arion ater)
    Hyles (Deilephila) euphorbiae (2) with caterpillar(3)(Deilephila euphorbiae)
    common tansy tanacetum vulgare,
    Henbane(5)(Hyosciamus niger),
    Cypress spurge (1) (Euphorbia cyparissias)
    White Deadnettle (8)(Lamium album).

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