Burnet Rose

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Burnet rose

A strong perrinial plant, that has the ability
to grow in harsh circumstances, like very windy places,
salty grounds and dry grounds.
The stems are covered with needles.

The Burnet rose comes in pink, white or yellow flowers.


The flowering period is from juli until september. The fruits can be seen until the winter.

rose hips jam

The hips can be used to make jam, cntaing a lot
of vitamine C. First you have to clean them, press
them and filter them as to remove the hairs that
surrounds the seeds. By adding sugar and after cooking
the jam is produced.

During sommertime one can see both the flowers and
the hips on the Burnet rose. This foto has been made in august.

The rose hips from nearby , the remnants of the
flower are still attached.