Chamomile of Matricaria


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German Chamomile

The German Chamomile is the well-known chamomile
used for making tea. The flowers are white with a
yellow heart. The German Chamomile can be found
in large numbers near roads, and in the fields .
The German Chamomile start flowering may until the
end of the summer, the flowers have a strong smell
of honey. The dried leaves are used for tea.
German Chamomile is used for the production of blue oil,
that is used as a tranquilizer.
Chamazule is the farmacological activ substance in this oil.
German chamomile produce a lot of seeds that can be sown at
the start of the spring. Keep a distance of about thirty
centimeter between the plants.

Roman Chamomile or Chamaemelum nobile

This is the well known Chamomile seen in gardens and lawns.
It is a winterhardy plant that can become 4 years old.
It is a strong plant that flowers a the end of the summer.

Chamomile tea

This they is known for its anti inflammatory effects in the
mouth and is used for centuries against toothppain.
It is made of the German Chamomile. The taste is
caused by the substance called sesquiterpenlactone.

Other Chamomile

Other plants are also called chamomile but are not related: The Yellow chamomile and the untrue chamomile.