Cow Parsley or Anthriscus sylvestris

Cow Parsley

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Cow Parsley with umbrals of white flowers and seedboxes in May

The seedboxes of Cow Parsley are transparant.

Cow Parsley and Rapeseed together

    Cow Parsley

    A common herbaceous biennial with umbrals of small white flowers
    on high stems. These stems a hairy and hollow.
    Flowering time starts in April and ends at the start of the
    summer. The flowers are visited by bees, butterflies and
    Cow Parsley can be found on fertile grounds with grass,
    at the roadside, on dikes and in woods.

    Cow Parsley in the garden

    Cow parsley can be a nuisance weed in the garden as it
    reproduce rapidly. This done not only by its huge
    production of seed but also by its ability to grow
    rapidly through rhizomes. Cow parsley should not end
    between compost as its seeds will still be capable to


    Cow Parsley can color grassland white. This can happen after
    the use of fertilizer with a high nitrogen content. Cows and
    horses avoid eating Cow Parsley because of the stodgy stem.
    Cow Parsley can be mistaken for Fool's parsley and Poison
    hemlock .

    1 common hogweed (Herculeum sphondylium)
    2 Caraway (Carum carvi)
    3 cow parsley ( Anthriscus sylvestria)
    4 Yarrow(Achilles millefolium)
    5 Meadow Salsify (Tragopogon pratensis)
    6 Field Scabious (Knautia arvensis)
    7 buttercup (Ranunculus acer)
    8 Meadow Crane's-bill, (Geranium pratense)
    9 Dandalion (tarazacum officinalis)
    10 Common Bird's-foot (lotus corniculatus)
    11 Burying Beetle (Necrophorus vespilloides)

    The colors of the grassland

    white : Cow Parsley, daisy

    lilla : cuckoo flower

    yellow : dandelion, buttercup

    grey : flowering grasses

    red : sorrel

    Early flowering

    Spring Snowflake
    Cow Parsley
    Caroline silverbell
    Star squill
    Wood sorrel
    Lesser celandine
    Marsh Marigold
    Mahonia x media "Buckland"
    Mahonia x media "Wintersun"
    Erica darleyensis
    Witch hazel
    Kerria Japonica or Japanese yellow rose
    vibernum bodnantense
    Pieris Japonica
    almond tree Camellia Japonica
    vibernum tinus "Eve princess"


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