Grey field slug

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Grey field slug

This is a very common slug, which lives mainly
at night and only in damp places,like shrubs,
meadows and vegetable gardens. Because this
animal can vary somewhat in color it is useful
to know that the slime trail is white, not
transparent, as in most other slugs.

Grey field slug in greenhouses

The animal is known as an important threat
in horticulture: the animal causes a lot of damage
in greenhouses by his enormous voracity. It makes
little difference in what it can find. An elegant way
of pestcontrol is through the use of nematodes
(Phasmarhabditis), which cause the death of the slug,
but has no other adverse effects.

slug control

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Deroceras slugs of the Netherland and Belgium

These fieldslugs can be found in the Netherlands,
the grey field slug is by far the most abundant.
- Grey field slug (Deroceras reticulatum )
- Deroceras agreste
- Marsh slug (Deroceras laeve)
- Deroceras panormitanum
- Deroceras sturanyi