Carolina Silverbell or Halesia

Carolina Silverbell or Halesia

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Halesia or Carolina Silverbell

A small tree that flowers with lovely white flowers
early in spring. The flowers appear before the leaves.
Halesia is slow grower that will grow in the shadow.

Halesia or Carolina Silverbell in the middle
of the winter januari. This small tree is very

This ia a large Halesia tree that can be seen in Ermelo,
landgoed Veldwijk, Netherlands. But even if they are large
3 meters is the maximum heigh.

Flowering of Halesia or Carolina silverbell starts in March.

The flowers of the Caroline silverbell will open early in spring.

Early in spring the Halesia shows flowers but
almost no leaves.

During fall the white bells of the Halesia change in color
from white to yellow to brown,
But still this tree remains beautiful.

multipiclation by cutting

By far the easiest way to obtain youre Halesia
is to cut one of the branches and put it in the soil.