Marsh St. John's-wort

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The seed boxes of Marsh St. John's-wort.
The leaves are elliptic and covered with fine hairs.

Marsh St. John's-wort grows in swallow water.

Marsh St. John's-wort produces fine flowers and the stem is hairy.

    Marsh St. John's-wort

    Hypericum elodens
    A rare and low growing marsh plant. It prefers poor and always
    wet grounds. Nowadays it can be found on the border of
    ponds, but it still needs clean water.

    Marshes St John's-wort forms seeds. Maybe these seeds have
    the possability to remain fertile over a long period.
    The flowers are small and yellow.


    The hypericum family is a genus of 500 species of flowering plants in the family Hypericaceae.
    Hypericums are mostly perennials that prefer moist soils.
    marsh St John's wort or Hypericum elodens.
    imperforate St John's-wort or spotted St. John's-wort or Hypericum maculatum.
    hairy St John's wort or Hypericum hirsutum.
    Hypericum perforatum, also known as St John's wort.
    Hypericum 'hidcote'.
    hypericum calycinum.

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