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The common horse-chestnut flowring

This is the red chestnut flowering, a beautiful ornamental deciduous tree,
often seen in parks and as a street tree. These big rich pink candle-like
flowers are very spectacular in spring .

bleeding Canker

Horse-chestnusts can have an stem bleeding disease, called
bleeding canker. This disease is causing major problems
in Western-Europe,horse-chestnuts of all ages can be affected.
If lage areas are affected even large trees can be killed,
but the younger trees (10-30years) are more in danger.

Cameraria ohridella

This little moth makes the horse chestnut
vulnerable for fungi , especially the honey fungus,
that can easely kill a horse chestnut.

A horse chestnut tree on a plate from 1860.


    Aesculus hippocastanum

    A large tree that can be found in almost every park in Europe.
    is an known for its striking flowers which can be
    seen in early June. The flowering attracts a lot of bees.

    he leaves start to change color at the end of august.

    The first leaves

    The first sprouting leaf buds appear at the end of the winter.
    The young leaves are very hairy and will develop in a very
    short period until they formed the distinctive palmate leaves.

    A sprouting leaf bud from the common horse-chestnut.

    Horse Chestnut wood

    The wood of the chestnut can't be used for
    building or lodge or sawing as its is full of
    curves. As a firewood it has very low quality
    and produces little heat.


    This list gives an indication of the quality as a firewood

    Alder fastburning, good firewood.

    Birch good , but burns fast

    Horse chestnut bad quality firewood, hard to ignite.

    Beech very good, but need to be very dry.

    Oak very good

    Lime good.

    Ashvery good firewood

    Mulberry very good , but hard to get

    monkey puzzle woodbad firewood, don't use it

    White poplar smokes, bad firewood

    Black locust or Robiniavery good and exspensive.

    Walnut good , but hard to get

    Yew good.

    Larch bad firewood.

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