Snake's head, Leper lily, Chess flower

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Snake's head, Leper lily, Chess flower

A perrinial plant that flowers early in spring until the start of the summer. But that flowering only happens after 8 year. The seeds are large and float on the water. Snake's head can only be found near water, on damp soil. It's origin is Afghanistan, and can be found everywere in Europe, but is mostly seen in gardens.
The snake head's fritillary on an old illustration.
Rhe flower has a small bulb.

The flower of the Snake's head

The flower is a bell with a chequered dark purple coloration.

    A group of snake head'sthat are flowering, some of the
    flowers are white.

    Not only the flower but the whole plant is fragile.

    Introduced plants

    Some imported plants are already native in the netherlands
    for over hundred years. These plants flower very early in
    spring and most have bulbs or thick rhizomes that provide the
    extra energy to be the first in spring that flowers.
    These imported plants have dissapeared during summertime.

    Leopards bane or doronicum


    Summer snowflakeeng



    Yellow anemoan.


    Blue Anemoon (Anemone Apennina)

    Pulmonaria officinalis


    Adderwort, snakewort Polygonum bistorta


    Star of Bethlehem

    Snake Head's Fritillary
    Grecian Windflower

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