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Coltsfoot is a perennial herbaceous plant that flowers
early in the year. At the end of the winter, but also
early in spring , there small yellow dandalion-like
flowers appear before the leave (naked flowering).
If Coltsfoot flowers in april it is heavely visited
by bees and butterflies. Coltsfoot grows everywhere
but prefers barren grounds.

Coltsfoot propaton

By far the most important way of propagation are
the long thin rhizomes, that can extend or more
then 2 meter.

Coltsfoot as a weed

Coltsfoot can be a problem, but do this : in spring the yellow flowers show you were you can find the rhizomes: remove them , and youre Coltfoot invasion will stop.

Coltsfoot as a medicine

Its is dangerous to use coltsfoot as a medicine.
against coughing as it increase the risk for cancre.
For this reason , coltsfoot is often forbidden abroad.

Coltsfoot is poisionous

The use of Coltsfoot as a medicine or worse,
as a food causes hepatic changes, and hepatitis.
But there is also a increase in cancre risk.

Coltsfoot and Common Butterbur

These two plants are sometimes confused because they
have the same shaped leaves , but are not related at all.


These plants are flowering plants belonging to
the family Asteraceae. on this website you can find:

aster novae-angliae
aster cultivars and aster nova-belgii
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