climbing Hortensia , Hydrangea petiolaris

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Climbing Hortensia

A woody climbing plant that has the unique ability to flower
and grow against walls facing the North. Although a slow
starter, a climbing Hortensia can become as high and broad as
an apartment building. It takes about three years before
the first flowers appear.


The Climbing Hortensia flowers in midsummer with large corymbs
about 10 cm across with large bright white sterile flowers
with green-yellow fertile flowers in the center.

facing the north

The climbing Hortensia is a better, more colorful alternative
then Helix, especially on walls facing the North.
The first branches are slow growers and need some support.

The climbing Hortensia or Hydrangea petiolaris

Hortensia and Schizophragma

A good or maybe better alternative for the climbing
Hortensia is the Schizophragma. This climbling plant
has many and more beautiful flowers, and a much longer
flower period. Have a look at Schizophragma.

Flowers and flower buds of the climbing hortensia.

Detail of the flowers of climbing hortensia

    This climbing Hortensia is covering a small pavilion, and is
    a better choice then ivy.

    The same climbing hortensia in June.

    The climbing hortensia in Januari. The climbing
    hortensia is not sensitive for frost.

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