Great tit or parus majort

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Great tit

The Great tit is a songbird that can be found in woodland and in the garden. This bird has a black head with white cheeks,
and a clear voice.
It has adapted itself to us humans, and can be found around
the houses. It feeds on insects, mostly beetles and catarpillars
But also feeds on seeds and berries.

in the garden

They are very familiair and will make a nest in whatever
nest box they will be given. During wintertime they will
gather around strings made of seeds and nuts.

1 Great tit.
2 Blue tit.
3 Nuthatch.
4 Long-tailed Tit.
5 Marsh Tit.

Crested tit, coal tit, marsh tit together on a
plate by Jac.P..Thijse , made in the fin du siecle.