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A popular herb, with a typical taste.
Coriander seed is used in very many dishes,
and is used in every kitchen on every continent.
Coriander is a flower that attracts both bees
and bumblebees. Coriander grows easily indoors.

Coriander in the garden

Coriander is sown late in April, and needs a lot
of warmth to germinate. It grows quickly more than
half meters high and grows faster then most of the weed.
Coriander needs a bit of chalck in its soil.

Coriander history

Coriander has been cultivated 3000 years, and in a
most parts of the world: the Egyptians and
the Chinese were the first, followed by the Romans.

Coriander as a vegetable

The leaves have a mild citrus flavor and can
are cooked as a vegetable or used directly in
a salad. But not everyone enjoys the taste, which
is also not easy to describe.

Coriander cultivars

Coriander 'Lemon' (Coriandrum sativum 'lemon').
The leaves have a lemon taste.

Coriander seeds

The typical sweet anise flavor of the seeds
are appreciated and used in the whole world.
It is also called: ketoembar.

Coriander Coriander is the dried after harvesting.
After drying upside down, the seeds are easely collected.


Coriander Tea is like fennel tea: It is used
after dinner. Sprinkle coriander seeds in boiling
water. Coriander tea is also given to coughing children.

the provence

These flowers and vegetables grow on
poor and calcareous soil,the winters are
soft, the summers are hot:
white poplar
pruimen, mirabellen
almond tree
Sweet Wormwood
sea meadick or Medicago marina
Euphorbia characias 'Wulfenii'