Cornelian cherry dogwood and common dogwood
Cornelean dogwood

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Cornelian cherry dogwood of Cornus mas

The common dogwood has red stems in the winter.
They can be found everywere in Asia and Europa.
The leaves have nice colors in fall. The common
dogwood has more red twigs if pruned in the spring,
as only the new twigs are red.

Cornelian cherry dogwood in the garden

Cornelian cherry dogwood can be food in dunes or chalcky
poor and dry grounds. They can reache up to 7 meter, and
give the mpression of a small tree.
Kornoelje flowers with bright yellow flowers at the end
of the winter. The red berries can be collected at
the end of the summer.

Cornus mas 'Golden Glory'

This cultivar has many small star-like, yellow flowers,
grown in umbels which appear in late winter to early
spring before the foliage. It procuces many unedible
small red drupes during summertime, that can be used
to produce Cornelian cherry marmalade.

Cornus mas 'Aerea'

This slowly growing shrub has bright yellow
leaves that at the end of the season becomes

The dogwood family

These shrubs flower early in the spring and have yellow
or white flowers and have red berries in the summer.
These shrubs grow on poor grounds and are mostly
very winterhardy, they can be found in Siberia.

Cornus alba

Originally from siberia and the north of china, these
shrubs have bright red colored twigs.
They will thrive even on poor grounds. Some
cultivars have nice colored leaves in fall, like
Cornu alba "Sibirica".

The Cornelian cherry marmalade.

Cornelian cherries jam

Cornelian cherries can be used for the production of
a lovely jam.
Keep these remarks in mind:
- The Cornelian cherry dogwood production of cherries can strongly
fluctuate every year.
- Don't use the cherries of the common dogwood , these are
slightly poisionous.
- Use a bit of pectine.
- only use ripe cherries

Wash the cherries, remove the seeds,
boil for half an hour slowly.
Put through a sieve,
add the pectin and half a kilo sugar
for every kilo cherries.
Put the boiling jam in an hot pot

jam homemade.


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Cornelian cherries jam