Watersoldier or Stratiotes alo´des


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Stratiotes alo´des

A floating waterplant that needs clean water.
If the circumstances are good the Watersoldier
is capable to cover a big area in a short time.
It forms a micro environment wich attracts a lot
of small wateranimals between the roots and
the leaves. Some birds build there nests between
the pricky leaves from the watersoldier.

A frogfish seeks shelter between the sticky leaves
of the watersoldier. A watersoldier protects the small
and defenceless in youre pond.


The vegetative reproduction is the most important,
merely done by forming rhizomes under water. But it
also produces a white, female flower.

Watersoldier under water

Watersoldier, Frogbit and Hydrocotyle ranae are
three floating waterplants that disappear under
water when the water is getting colder or after storms.
In deeper water watersoldier(more then 2,5meter)
Watersoldier will remain under water the whole year.

1: Watersoldier (Stratiotes alo´des)
2: Yellow pond-lily (Nuphar lutea)
3: bladderwort (Utricularia vulgaris )
4: European frog-bit. ( Hydrocharis morsus-ranae)
5: Lobelia dortmanna( Lobelia dortmanna )
6: Whitewater crowfoot (Batrachium aquatile of Ranunculus aquitalis)
7: Cape blue waterlilly ( Nymphaea capensis)


Watersoldier on the bottom of a pond. This pond is covered
with a thin layer of ice.


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