Larix of Lork

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Larix decidua

A medium height conifer that looses its leaves during
wintertime. The Larch is an important tree for foresting.
The wood is strong and can be compared with tropical
hard wood. But the large is also an ornamental tree,
that has beautiful yellow-red leaves during fall.

The female cones of the Larch.

1 germinating larch
2 the larch, after one year

    The neeldles of the Larch are soft.

    The bark of the Larch.

    larch wood as fire wood

    Larch wood is terrible firewood, noisy and pollutes
    your chimney.


    This list gives an indication of the quality as a firewood

    Alder fastburning, good firewood.

    Birch good , but burns fast

    Horse chestnut bad quality firewood, hard to ignite.

    Beech very good, but need to be very dry.

    Oak very good

    Lime good.

    Ashvery good firewood

    Mulberry very good , but hard to get

    monkey puzzle woodbad firewood, don't use it

    White poplar smokes, bad firewood

    Black locust or Robiniavery good and exspensive.

    Walnut good , but hard to get

    Yew good.

    Larch bad firewood.

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