Snowflake of Leucojum vernum


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The snowflake appears early in the spring. It grows in
the shadow of Beech and Horse Chestnut, before the leaves
of these trees take away the sunlight. Snowflake is a bit larger the Snowdrop, and snowflake
flowers early in spring, and not on the end of the winter,
like the snowdrop.

The bulbs all have different shapes.

1 narcissus
2 Garden Hyacinth
3 tulip
4 crocus
5 common snowdrop

lasagna method

This a way to put bulbs in a pot.
Put a layer of buls on a layer of mulch
in a large pot. These bulbs a those that
will flower the last, usually tulp and
decorativ unions
Next layers are narcis , hyacint
or crocus
The last layer will flower firstly :
galanthus nivalis, or
In this way you will have a three months flowering period.