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Lentil is a crop that is very productive. The lentil
seeds contain a high amount of protein. Lentil forms
a long tap root system, thus making itself drought
resistant. Lentils will grow in semi arid parts
of the world. Strangely, lentils will also grow
in the colder parts of the world, in Canada for
example. Lentils grow in pods that contain two
round or oval seeds.
Lentils are slow starters . In the early stages
active weed contol is nescessary. It can not be done
by hand as the seedlings will be damaged so you
have to use herbicides.

Lentils in the kitchen

Lentils can be stored a whole year and easy to use:
Lentils do not need pre-soaking and they
only have to cook for a short period : This can be
done together with legumes, thus making an easy
stew or soap.
There many different colors and tastes makes it
fun to prepare a meal. Lentils are cheap and have a
high nutritional value and are sold as a whole, split
or with the skin removed. Brown and green lentils
remain their shaped after cooking.

lentil stew.

Before cooking, always rinse lentils and pick
out stones. Cook the lentils with twice the amount
of water.
Use onions, garlic, celery, carrots, patatous to
make a traditional stew. You can also add sweet
potatoes and spinach for youre lentil stew.

Dal of Dahl of Dhal

These are split lentils, for example slit red
lentils. Dal is used to prepare soup. In the
south of India this soap is called sambar.

recipe of lentil soup

2 onions 1 celery stalks 1 carrots 2 garlic cloves 1 cups lentils, rinsed, drained 1/2–ounce can diced tomatoes in juice chop the unions, carrots and celery, garlic cloves,
keep the leaves of the celery for garnish,
Heat the oil in a large pan. Add onions, celery,
carrots, and at last garlic; Heat this for 15 minutes
Add the rinsed lentils, and dried tomatoes and
water and bring to boil,
shimmering for half an hour.
Season with salt, pepper,
garnish with the celery leaves.

storing lentils.

Store dried lentils for up to a year in a cool,
dry place.

lentils in the garden

Only sow youre lentils after the Ice Saints (15 May),
the easiest and chaepest way is to use some of the
lentils from the supermarket, but you can't use
split lentils.Put them on a hill, so the long roots
will get some more warmth.
3 Months after sowing is harvesting time.

lentils cultivars

For middle Europe only "val de Nievole" are suited.

Puy lentils

Lentilles de Puy are lentlis from the middle France, from the Puys des Domes . The frenche are fond on them , the lentils remain there shape after cooking. They are used in salads, the prioce is 3x times of the red lentils.

Red lentils

Red lentils are in fact orange colored a change a bit of color after cooking: they become light brown.


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    Seedlings from lentils , there biggest enemie in this stage are birds.

    Lentils are harvested together with the whole plant,
    And dried upside down. The lentils will fall off easely
    when ripe and dried.

    Lentils and beans in Jaipur, India
    1 red lentils
    2 green lentils
    3 brown lentils
    4 white beans
    5 kidney beans
    6 chickenpeas, Kabuli or safed chana
    7 cane sugar
    8 urad or black lentils
    9 mungbeans
    10 soya beans

    Lentils or masur in India

    Probably, lentils origated in India, Masur is cultivated on a large scale in the arid area's, the crop is called rabi, wich means sown in the winter. The lentils are harvested in spring time. Lentils are an imported part of the vegetarian diet, because of their high protein and vitamin content. They are sold in many forms, with or without the skins, whole or split. The urad or black lentils are in fact small beans. India is the largest lentils consumer, the second lentil producer and the fourth lentil exporter. Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are most importent districts in India for masur production.


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