Lomentaria articulata

This is a red seaweed that grows in the intertidal zone. It can be found on the rocks and in the intertidal pools, mostly covered by other seaweeds. The thallus is conspicuously constricted giving a segmented appearance. At each constriction an new branche grow out, and this branche becomes smaller near the top. The plant is very shiny and the tips of branches may be bleached pink or orange.

Lomentaria articulata growth

Jointed pod weed or Chylocladia articulata are another names for Lomentaria articulata. Lomentaria is a slow-growing relative to many other intertidal seaweeds ( Kuebler et al. 1991 ; Kübler & Raven 1994, 1996).

Lomentaria articulata distribution

This a very wide spread seaweed, found in Nort-west Europe, around the Northsea, around Great-Britain and Ireland.

Seaweed of the European shores.(British schoolplate of 1930)
1 fucus vesiculosus or bladder wrack
2 Corraline algae
3 irish moss or carageen moss or Chondrus crispus
4 Rhodophyllis divaricata or rhodimenia bifida
5 serrated wrack
6 Zostera marina
7 tangle or ribbonweed
8 knotted wrack
9 Sea lettuce
10 ectocarpus siliculosus
11 Lomentaria articulata
polysiphonia urculata
13 cordweed or bootlace weed
14 Plocamium coccineum
15 Cladophora rupestris
16 dulse