White and Black Mulberry or Morus alba, nigra


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Black and White Mulberry

The Mulberry is a deciduos tree, that grows in most part
of Europe. They are originally from Asia. These trees
produce edible fruits, the fruit of the black Mulberry
is very tastefull. The mulberry is a low tree , they never
exceed the 10 meters tall.


Flowering starts in the middle of the spring with small
flowers. The Mulberry has single-sex catkins .


The Mulberry takes root very easely from cutting, a branch
of halve a meter length is enough, the cutting will grow
roots in almost every soil.

The white wheeping Mulberry (Morus alba pendula)
remains low, up to 3 tall, and is a popular tree
in small gardens. This tree has the strange habit to grow
in an unpredictable angle so it needs a stick to keep it upright.

The leaves have an course feeling, and resemble the leaves of the

Mulberry fruits in various stage of riping.
They have the taste of raisin , but also of nuts.
In Turkey they are often eaten together with walnuts
The Mulberry fruit looks like blackberries.

On the left the fruits of the white Mulbery , on the right those
Of the black Mulberry (Morus nigra).
The stains caused by these fruits are almst impossible to remove. te verwijderen.

    The black Mulberry

    The fruits of the white Mulberry

    On the market on can buy the dried fruits of the Mulberry.

    The silkworm

    The silkworm feeds only on the leaves of the Mulberry.
    For this reason large amounts of trees were planted
    in the South of France in the 16th century.
    A silkworm disease destroyed the Mulberry plantations.


    This list gives an indication of the quality as a firewood

    Alder fastburning, good firewood.

    Birch good , but burns fast

    Horse chestnut bad quality firewood, hard to ignite.

    Beech very good, but need to be very dry.

    Oak very good

    Lime good.

    Ashvery good firewood

    Mulberry very good , but hard to get

    monkey puzzle woodbad firewood, don't use it

    White poplar smokes, bad firewood

    Black locust or Robiniavery good and exspensive.

    Walnut good , but hard to get

    Yew good.

    Larch bad firewood.

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