Golden seaweed or Laurencia obtuse

Laurencia obtusa

Laurencia obtusa is a red algae that can be found in the intertidal zone throughout the world, especially in warm seas. It has a bright golden color. Laurencia obtusa is to be found in tidal pools and in the subtidal zone up to a depth of 60 meters. Laurencia obtusa grows on rocks in the intertidal zones together with other algae. There is a competition for space on these rocky coasts between Laurentia obtusa and , for example, Hypnea spinella, and there is a stable coexistance between those algae populations. (source: Mariana A. Guimaraens ,1996)

Laurencia obtusa reproduction

The Laurencia obtusa is a red algae with elongated, soft nipples on the blades. The tip of each nipple is orange and round.
Microscopic examination reveals the nipple tip to be sunken, and a tuft of hair may be found in its centre. These nipple produce the tetraspores in large amounts. these reproductive tetraspores form a ring at some distance around the nipple.

Laurencia obtusa and other laurencia species

The blades or branches of the Laurencia obtusa are more sparse and softer than those of the Laurencia papillosa, the peppery dulse.

Tidial plants of the North sea by B.E. Nicholson, 1905
1 flawed fork weed or Furcellaria lumbricalis
2 carragheen or false Irish moss or Mastocarpus stellatus
3 sea lettuce or Ulva lactuca
4 Monostroma grevillei
5 Golden seaweed or Laurencia obtusa
6 Irish moss or chondrus crispus
7 Peacock's Tail or Padina pavonia
8 Polyides rotundus