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Probably the most common weed in the
in the Netherlands and Belgium. The dandelion
colors meadow yellow . The dandelion flowers both
in May and August. This plant produces is so fertile
that clouds of seeds form in the air.
Dandelion grows in every soil, and is particularly
abundant in grassland.

Dandelion seed

The dandelion is succesfull

The dandelion is so abundant because it has
the 3 strategies to conquer the world:
1: - High resistance to the big eaters:
The dandelion, tastes nasty and bitterly and can
be grazed until only the root remains. But it will
still form new leaves giving the impression to have
an eternal weed live.
2: It produces really huge amounts of seed that travels
large distances through the air.
3 .- The dandelion can only asexually propagate itself
en is therefore not dependent on pollination.
Every dandelion is clone of another dandelion.

the dandelion is everywhere

The dandelion is everywhere on earth except
in the tropics and in the desert and Australia.
From the Arctic Circle to the Andes and in Japan,
the dandelion is widely spread.

A seed of the dandelion

recipes with dandelion.

Dandelion leaves are a lovely vegetable:
- only use the young leaves.
- use these leaves before the flowering period.

Mix the young leaves, it gives a wonderful
refreshing flavor to the salad.

French salad of dandelions.

Add bacon and fried croutons to the French
dandelion salad and is served together
with toast and fried egg .

dandelion jam

halve a kilogram of leaves
one kilogram of sugar
boil the leaves with one liter of water for
half an hour. Sieve this mixture through
a towel or blanket. Add the sugar and boil it
for some minutes. Now put this in some very clean
jars and close those jars. put them upside down.

dandelion pancake

Put some young leaves to pancake batter.

Dandelion salad

Dandelion salad is cultivated dandelion with the young leaves covered with sand or black plastic.
Dandelion salad is really delicious, but hard to
find in a shop. So by protecting the leaves from
sunlight, the taste will improve.

The seeds of the dandelion.

Dandelion color the roadsides yellow in April,
but wild radish can do that too.

Horses only eat dandelion when there is
no gras left over, pigs and rabbits like
it and goats love dandelions.


Etiolation is the forming of long, weak stems and
smaller and pale leaves due to the abscence of light.
This is done with some vegetables to produce a
better tasting product.
The are vegetables that grows using etiolation:

A diademe of dandelions. .

The colors of the grassland

white : Cow Parsley, daisy

lilla : cuckoo flower

yellow : dandelion, buttercup

grey : flowering grasses

red : sorrel