Tuscan Black Palm Kale

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Tuscane black palm kale

Palm kale is a vegie that grows with dark leaves
on a stem. After removing the lower leaves this
kale resembles a small palm tree.
It has an advantage above Curly kale thaat it
leaves can be harvested one by one, starting
from the bottom.

Palm kale and Curly kale are almost identical.

Snails and palm kale

Snails are by far the biggest problem, as snail
can smell kale from a distance.
Start youre war against slugs and snail from the
very first moment that youre palm kale starts to grow,
have a look at slugs

commercial palm kale farming.

The sawing of Palm kale

Palm kale can be sown starting in March.

Full growing Palm kale needs some support by
bamboe, preventing from toppling by strong winds.

Palm Kale in the snow. Although the leaves hang down,
the tast will stronhly improved by frosty wheather.


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