Wild carrot or Daucus carota

Wild carrot

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Wild carrot

A very common wild plant , often found on dry grounds
or next to roads.
It has broad white umbels that attract a lot of insects .
Flowering is during the summer. There is between the white
flowers one red-black flower to be seen.

Wild Carot and the vegetable carrot

They look very simular as the are narrow related.
The Wild carrot has a white and long, uneatable carrot.
If they grow in the near of a vegetable carrot,
then that carrot will produce the seed of het wild carrot.
. For this reason the wild carrot is combatted in those
part of the county were carrots are grown commercally.

Wild Carot and the Swallowtail

A lot of insects visit the wild carrot , most notibaly the Old world swallowtail.

The Wild carrot or Daucus carota.

Wild carrot and Common Yarrow

Both Wild carrot and Yarrow have the same white
umbels but have very different leaves: Yarrow
has very fine divided leaves.
Wild parrot appears on the same places and has the same
flowering period (the summer).

    The umbels of Wild carrot are first light pink and then
    become white. The stem is hairy.
    Wildcarrot is surrounded by Variegated Scouring Rush

    Thi is a
    Soldier , a beetle
    that contains poison, and doesn't have to be afraid for birds. That is why it
    mates on the top of the flower of a wild charot.

    The white umbels of the Wild carrot has one black-red flower
    in the center , probably to attract insects.
    One can also see a young Soldier.

    The seeds of the Wild parrot resembles a birds nest.

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