Japanese Andromeda

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Pieris Japonica

An evergreen shrub, with a long flowering period and
white flowers. This shrub start flowering in the winter.
The flowers have an resemblence with
that of the lily- of-the-valley.
The Japanese pieris will grow on every soil, but
prefers moist soil. They will grow under a tree.
Pieris Jaonica is a slow growing shrub, The white flowers of Pieris Japonica are also used
a cut flower used in wedding bouquets.

cultivars of Japanese Pieris

There are very many cultivars, and the flowers can have
white or red colors. For the smaller garden are dwarf forms.
Pieris Japonica'Variegata' with variegated leaves
Pieris Japonica'Flaming silver' has bloodred new leaves.
Pieris Japonica'Forest Flame' a large shrub with bright
red foliage.
Pieris Japonica'Katsura' has rose flowers, the new leaves are red.

In the border

Pieris Japonica is often combined with the Rhodondendron as
they have the same dark colored evergreen leaves. They are
often planted under trees. Another good combination are
low growing Azalea's.