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purple Shiso

The red-purple colored kitchen herb purple shiso
has a strange taste somewhat resembling cumin.
it has only a few uses , mostly in the japanese
and chinese kitchen: It is used to color abricots
and plum in the Japanese kitchen and pickle
them. This is called Umboshi or pickled plum.

Hinomaru Bento

Hinomaru Bento is a Japanese dish with a picled plum
or Umbushi surrounded by white rice, symbolising the
rising sun or Japanse flag.

Shiso and purple shiso

The flavor of shiso is the same as
Thai basil. Shiso is used to make Sushi,
and can be replace by garden mint.
Shiso and purple are close members
of the mint family.
You can buy Shiso and purple shiso at the
Asian market.

(purple )shiso thee

let some shiso leaves or purple shiso leaves.
steep for 5 to 10 minutes in hot water.
It can be combined with mint leaves, sugar and lime.

purple shiso limonade

This is strangely tasing and looking lemonade:
The color is pink!
Let some purple shiso leave steep in hot water
for 10 minutes, dissolve a big spoon of sugar .
Put this in a glass and and cool it in
a refrigarator. the brown color change
in pink after adding some lime.


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