Robinia or Black locust, acacia

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Robinia pseudoacacia or Black Locust

A fast growing hardwood that grows in every soil and
produces fine wood suitable for outdoor uses.
Every spring it produce white drooping clusters of nice
flowers that produces the nectar for the production of
acacia honey. It also produce a fine hony fragrance that attracts a lot of bees.

The black locust or acacia in your garden,
the three is covered with thorns.

Acacia honey

A lovely and very sweet, smooth fruity tasting honey.
The aspect of this honey remains clear and liquid
over years and is very popular due for this reason.
The color of Acacia honey is one of the lightest of
commercial honey, sometimes a slightly golden color.
Acacia Honey is obtained in the Robinia woods
of Poland, Hongary and Italy, Miele d'Acacia.
The price is 4,00 /kg for large amounts.

Robinia wood

Robinia wood is extremely hard and resistant
to rot and very durable, it can remain in the
soil, unprotected, for more then a century.

Robinia as firewood

Robinia is very good firewood, it burns
slowly, but with great heat and even when
its wet.

    The leaves of the Robinia
    The leaves of Robinia are round,
    the leaves of the Honey Locust are more pointed

    The top of the Robinia

    The Rubinia has a deeply furrowed bark


    This list gives an indication of the quality as a firewood

    Alder fastburning, good firewood.

    Birch good , but burns fast

    Horse chestnut bad quality firewood, hard to ignite.

    Beech very good, but need to be very dry.

    Oak very good

    Lime good.

    Ashvery good firewood

    Mulberry very good , but hard to get

    monkey puzzle woodbad firewood, don't use it

    White poplar smokes, bad firewood

    Black locust or Robiniavery good and exspensive.

    Walnut good , but hard to get

    Yew good.

    Larch bad firewood.

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