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Rye is a grain that is produced in large amounts
for the production of floor and animal food (flodder).

Winter rye

Winter rye is almost the only rye that is cultivated
nowadays in the north of Europe: It has many advantages: its a very fast growing grain
and is a very good ground cover has long roots. With its long roots it keeps
the soil tilth healthy and produce more straw then barly of wheat. Rye is
very winterhardy.

young winter rye in februari,
young rye has a blueish colour.

Rye diseases

The most important rye disease is the growth of the ergot fungus.
Eating contaminated rye causes a disease calles ergotism, with
symptoms discrivbed as the St Elmas fire : convulsions, necrosis of digits, and hallucinations.

Rye straw

The straw of rye is used for horses, espescially the
rye straw that's harvested before the grain is mature. Precut rye
is favored by horse owners. Compared with wheat straw, rye straw
is longer, stronger and more comfortable for horses.
Nowadays most of the straw is used for the production
of paperboard and cardboard or pulped to produce paper.
A new way to use the straw
of rye is to inhibite the growth of algae . It is used to put in a pond that suffers from the flowering of algae .
A meriad of small watercreatures like infusoria feed
on the algae and bacteria.

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    Poppies and Corncockles grow between the young rye in june.

    Growing between the rey

    On fields with rey some plants
    can be found, adapted to poor grounds
    and the fast growing ray.
    These plants were once very common, there
    seeds mixed with the rey. But nowadays the
    rye has almost dissapeared and there
    has been much technical progression in
    removing those out of the rey.
    Creeping thistle
    Field Bindweed
    Corn flower
    Forking Larkspur
    Ranunculus arvensis
    Scarlet Pimpernel

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