royal palm or Roystonia regia, Roystonea elata

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royal palm

A very distinctive palmtree that can be very high,
up to 25 meters or even more. Its originate from
Cuba, where it still is used for the production
of palmoil ,by its berries and hardwood.
The Royal palm has been planted throughout the tropics and subtropics as an ornamental tree,
to line streets and boulevards.
Royal palms are fast growers. There will be
damage to leaves if the temperature goes below
5 degres celsius. They'll die
if the tempeture drops below -2 degrees celsius.

1 The base is swollen, sowing fibrous roots typical for palmtrees.
2 The trunk is swelled in the middle, from nearby it looks like cement.
3 The crownshaft is green and narrow (not good to be seen here)
4 The crown is filled with large pinnate leaves.
5 Dead fronds need to be removed, they can damage cars and people.

An allee lined with the Royal palm, in Brazil, fin du siecle.

royal palm as a street tree,

The royal palm is widely used to lends a distinctive
air to streets and boulevards, there high pillar
like trunks give it an impressive vieuw.
The royal palm has good resistance against pollution.
It is resistent against brakish water and will
grow near beaches. Another major asset is that
it is resistent against monsoon and salt spray.

royal palm propagation

It takes about two months before the purple seed pods
germinate, and only if the avarage temperature is
higher then 30 degrees Celsius.

royal palm flowers

The flowers are strongly fragrant and can
be noticed from a distance, flowering is
mostly during summertime.

Florida royal palm

Populations native to Florida are called Florida royal,
palms. Although very simular in appearance, they
have less drought resistance.
There is a long dispute whether the Cuban and Floridian
populations represented a single species or two species.


royal palm