The Sea Gooseberry

The Sea Gooseberry is a small jellyfish like creatures that is about 2 cm in length. It has two 75 cm long sticky tentacles that can contract: in doing so its brings plancton particles to the mouth , that are stick to the glue that covers both tentacles.

Sea Gooseberry distribution

The Sea Gooseberry can be found in every ocean, and most of the seas. In these oceans they float with the streams, sometimes together in large amounts.

Sea gooseberry and jellyfsh

The Sea Gooseberry is not closely related to the jellyfish. The Sea Gooseberry lacks the singing cells. It collects the plancton particles with the sticky tentacles. There is no polype stadium.

Whenn the Sea Gooseberry floats ashore the two long tentacles are already broken and dissapeared. Only a completely transparant jelly mass is all that is left over from this beautiful animal. With some imagination the ribs can be seen. The Sea Gooseberry is hard to photographe alive.

R Ctenophora or comb jellies are an special groupe of animals: They look very simular to the not related jellyfish, but comb jelly have no stinging cells. They are rare and have a completely transparant body. The illustration is from Brehm.

1 Venus girdle
2 sea sparkle
3 Beroe forskalii
4 Bolina hydatina

Some Jellfish, snails, siphonophores and salps, comb jellies.
From: "Meeresfauna2" uit Meyers lexicon.
1 fried egg jellyfish or Cotylorhiza tuberculata, a Mediterranean Jelly,
2 Velella velella or By-the-wind Sailor, purple sail
3 Physalia arethusa - Portuguese Man-of-war,
4 Pelagothuria natatrix - Pelagic Sea Cucumber are often confused with jellyfish, have webbed swimming structures enabling them to swim up off the surface of the seafloor
5 Soestia zonaria
6 Carinaria mediterranea, a seasnail
7 Beroė Forskalii or Beroid Comb Jelly
8 Argonauta argo or Paper Nautilus
9 Alciopa reynaudii, a bristle worm from the Alciopidae family
10 helmet jellyfish or Periphylla periphylla, order: Coronatae
11 Charybdaea Rastonii Meyers
12 Pyrosoma atlanticum, a salp
13 Stephanophyes superba, a salp
14 Salpa maxima, a salp
15 Dipleurosoma species, a jellyfish, magnified
16 Phronima sedentariaor Cooper of the Sea
17 Cavolinia tridentata, a peleagic mollusc
18 Phialidium species, a jellyfish, magnified
19 Deļopea caloctenota, a jellyfish

jelly fish of the Northsea
Librairie J.-B, Baukkuere et Fils, 1906
1 Blue jellyfish or Cyanea lamarckii
2 compass jellyfish or Chrysaora hysoscella
3 barrel jellyfish
4 moon jellyfish or Aurelia auritis
5 Sea Goose or Pleurobrachia pileus
6 stalked yellyfish of Haliclystus octoradiatus