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Brown garden snail

A very common snail that can be found in gardens.
As it prefers the taste of young leaves it is not
very popular for those who grow vegetables.
The garden snail avoids drought and get activ at night
or directly after rain.
This snail is closely related to the burgondi snail,
a slightly larger snail These snails are both edible.

raising the Garden snail

Garden snails can easely be raised with cabbage and
lettuce, this is done in China. More economical they can
be feed with meal..

Garden snail as a pet

Garden snails can easely be raised as a pet. They will recognize
that good person that feeds them with vegetable leaves and other
kitchen waste. Its not clear for me how they recognise me,
they have an bad vision.

de Segrijnslak en de gezondheid

Segrijnslak is erg gezond , het bevat de grootste hoeveelheid
eiwitten in dierlijk voedsel en is vetarm.