skate leech

This a blood sucking worm that attacks skates and rays. It waits attached to a rock until a skate passes by and then attack the ray or skate. Not only ray ans skates are attacked but sometimes plaice also.

skate leeches distribution

Skatesucker can be found in the North of the Atlantic ocean and also in the northsea. There are also skate leeches in the Black and Mediterranean sea.

skatesucker as an vector

The skatesucker is a vector in transmitting blood parasites like the Trypanosoma raiae.

Horseleech (above) and skate leech (down) are related Hirudinea.

Worms, living in the sea. From Meyers, 1905
1 arrow worms or Chaetognatha
2 Rhynchonerella gracilis
3 Lineus kennelii, ribbon worm or proboscis worm
4 Dasybranchus caducus, a polychaetes or bristle worm
5 Discocelis tigrina, a flatworm
6 Ptychodera clavigera, a polychaetes or bristle worm
7 Sipunculus nudus, sipunculid worms or peanut worms
8 Chaetopterus variopedatus, a polychaetes or bristle worm
9 roggenbloedzuiger of Pontobdella muricata
10 Pseudobiceros undulatus, flatworm
11 Callioplana marginata, flatworm
12 Lineus molochinus ribbon worms or proboscis worm
13 Halla of pathenopeja
14 Bonellia viridis, Echiura, the trunk is only shown.
15 Euborlasia inmaculata, ribbon worms or proboscis worm
16 sea mouse or Aphrodita aculeata, a polychaetes or bristle worm
17 polymeria nebulosa
18 Eunice macrobranchia, a polychaetes or bristle worm
19 Eteone syphodonta
20 Nereiphylla paretti, a polychaetes or bristle worm
21 Yungia aurantiaca, flatworm
22 Serpula of Hydroides uncinata, a polychaetes or bristle worm

Hirudinae, from: Schmarda 1861.

1 Hirudo Australis or Hirudo Quinquestriata, five-striped leech, Bosisto
2 Hirudo multistriata - Ceylon
3 Hirudo flava - Ceylon
4 Haemopsis ceylanica - Ceylon
5 Pontobdella oligothela - Adriatic sea
6 Pontobdella macrothela - Jamaica
7 Pontobdella leucothela - Australia
8 Pontobdella prionodiscus - Antilles Sea.