True oxlip or Primula elatior

true oxlip

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oxlip or Primula elatior

The true oxlip can be found early in spring on
the bottom of the woods. Here it grows in rich
moist soil. Flowering is in the short period
from april-may with light yellow flowers.
Oxlip resembles cowslip, but has much paler flowers.

Flowering of oxlip

The flowering is from March until May, so
early in spring. The flowers have thin long
and hairy stems.

oxlip is edible

Both the flower as the leaves can be eaten,
they are used in salads. But oxslip is
protected here.

oxslip and cowslip

Oxslip has big, light colored flowers, those of cowslip
are yellow and small, the stem of oxslip is much thinner
that that of cowslip.