slender ragworm

The Slender ragworm is a 6-21 cm long worm that can be found on the bottom of the seas in the nothern regions of the world.

slender ragworm

If this worm lives in a sandy sea, it will make a tunnel in the bottom. But on a rocky bottom, they live in holes, often together.

slender ragworm distribution

The worms can be found in all the northern seas, buried in the sand or living in holes. They often share these holes with each other. They can be found in the Norwegian sea, in the North sea, Irish sea, the East coast of Canada and the USA and the sea of Japan.

slender ragworm food

The slender ragworm opreys on other worms, amphipods, small bivalves but also detritus.
Annalid worms of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.
1 tomopteris renata
2 spirographis spallanzanii
3 mopworm or red fanworm or Protula bispiralis,
4 calcareous tubeworm, fan worm, plume worm or red tube worm or Serpula vermicularis,
5 slender rahworm or Nereis pelagica
6 sea mouse or Aphrodita aculeata
7 Eunoe nodosa
8 ragworm or sandworm, nereis virens
9 lugworm or Arenicola marina
10 Autolytus sp.
11 Amphitrite johnstoni ,a Terebellid worm
12 Onuphis conchilega

Marine worms of the North sea
Librairie J.-B, Baukkuere et Fils, 1906
1 seamouse or Aphrodite aculeata
2 Lepidonotus squamatus, Polynoidae
3 slender ragworm or Nereis pelagica
4 lugworm or Arenicola marina
5 Ross worm tubes of Sabellaria spinulosa, een borstelworm
6 peacock worm or Sabella pavonina
7 Keel Worm or Pomatoceros triqueter
8 Spirorbis carinatus
9 Echiurus echiurus