Cowslip or Primula veris


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Primula veris or common cowslip

A herbaceous perennial plant that is common in fields and gardens.
Rabbits are fond on it.


Common cowslip start producing flowers at the start of spring ,
and only in a short period. Sometimes Cowslips start already
flowering in januari.

two kinds of flowers or heterostyly

Primula veris has two kinds of flowers: with a long style and
with a short one. The plants allow successful pollination
only between flowers of different form.
The function of heterostyly is to prevent inbreeding.

a closer look at heterostyly

In the pin flower the style can be seen from above
as a long pencil, in the trum flower its hidden.

Cowslip flowers

bees and beeflies

Primula veris attract both bee flies like the Bombylius major
and bees early in spring. The bee flies differ from the bees
as they hover above a flower instead of crawling in it,
using there elongated mouthparts for sucking nectar.