This fruit has creamy-white juicy, sweet flesh. They are popular in the tropics. The sugar-apple requires a tropical climate, and
Sugarapple contains black seeds of about 1 cm length. .

Sugarapple on a market in Jamaica, together with avocado, mango, apple and banana. Sugarapple is a popular fruit in the Caribean.

single oblong-cylindric, black or dark-brown seed about 1/2 in (1.25 cm) long.


sugar-apple or custard apple distribution .

The origin of the custard apple is unknown. In South-America Brazil is an important place were custard-apples are grown. On some islands in the Caribean they are escaped from the gardens and can also be found in the forests of those islands. But India has by far the most exstensive cultivation of the custard apple. They are called "atis" at the Phillipines and are quite popular fruit trees.

sugar-apple cultivars

Seedless cultivars are now very common. There are many cultivars, mostly for indian horticulturists. 'Crimson' has red foliage and the fragrant flowers are reddish . The flesh of the sugarapple is pink .

Tropical fruits from the Meyers Konv. Lexikon«, 1898
1 Sugar-apple or Annona squamosa
2 kaki or japanese persimon
3 guava
4 djamboe bol, Mountain apple, water apple, Ohia-ai
5 cainito or sterappel
6 sappodila of chiku
7 avocado
8 cashew
9 mango
10 mangostan