Venus girdle

The Venus girdle is a transparant long comb jelly creature, living in tropical and subtropical seas. If feeds on copepods and small plankton members.

Avoiding enemies

Venusgirdle is almost completely transparant, which is a strange thing for an animal that can be more than a meter long. And it is a slow but gracely swimmer. When bitten by a sea animal the delicate and brittle body is easely broken doen in small pieces. This also happens when a diver tries to collect the venus girdle.

Venus girdle in the Adriatic sea.
This paining depicts Corallinaceae, like Spongites fruticulosa and Mesophyllum expansum, as part of the Coral reefs.
A painting made by Anton Kerner von Marilaun: "Nulliporenbänke im Adratische Meer", from the book "Pflanzenleben ", 1898.

1 Fire Beetle or Cucujo or Pyrophorus noctilucus
2 mauve stinger or pelagia noctiluca
3 pyrosoma elegans, a pelagic invertebrate.
4 common sea pen or Pennatula phosphorea
5 cigar comb jellies or Beroe ovata
6 Phylliroe bucephalum, a fishlike nudibranchium
7 Venus girdle of Cestus veneris
8 Centophorus galeus , shark of the deapsee
9 Stoplight Loosejaw or Malacosteus niger
10 Spiny Hatchetfish or polyipnus spinosus
11 halosaurus macrochir
12 Freyella elegans

Sea Life, by Lemercier et Cie., in 1898.
1 Beroe or Beroe cucumis
2 physophore nusonerne
3 venus girdle
4 by-the-wind-sailor or Velella
5 finger shaped sea pen or veretillum cynomorium
6 the European spider crab, spiny spider crab or Maja squinado
7 Hermit crab
8 mantis shrimp
9 Gorgone rose or Eunicella verrucose
10 red sea feather or pennatula rubra