Elder or Sambucus nigra


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The Elder is a deciduous fast growing shrub
In spring, Elder will flower with whitein large corymbs up to
25 cm diameter. The flowering period ends in mid summer.
In fall the berries apear, first bleak, then red and ripe if
are purple-black.

Elder Flower Herbal Tea

The white flowers are used to produce tea
Just pour over some boiling water on those flowers.
This will produces a lovely , honey tasting
tea. It can also be made by using the dried
flowers of Elder.

pancakes of Elderberry flowers

The Elderberry flowers have a faint fragrance of
honeysuckle that tastes exceptionally good and pancakes
Just make youre pancakes the normal way on the fire.
Put some Elder flowers in youre pancake, ladle out onto
a heated buttered griddle and cook til golden brown, flip over.

Elderberry jelly

First: only use the ripe purple-black berries
that can be found in fall. They hang upside down
from the Elder. Remove unripe not black berries.
Eating unripe berries will diarhea and stomach pain.
I know two recipes , what comes next is enough
for 5kg jelly:

Elderberry jelly with blackberry

1kg Elderberries
1kg Blackberry
2 deciliter water
2,5kg water
Start SLOWLY cooking the Elderberries with the water,
put them through a sieve of cheesecloth.
Add the blackberry , boil it together, then add the sugar.
The foam has to be removed with a spoon. put it in
perfect clean, sterilized jars, enjoy! watch out for
stains on your clothes.

Elderberry jelly with applepieces

2 kg of Elderberries
0.5kg of apple
2,5kg of water
1 citron
Do the same as above.

Elderberry lemonade

Elderberry lemonade is very populair in Great-britain,
In Scandinavia its called Hyldeblomst or Hyldeblomstsaft.

4 kilo of sugar
150 grams of citron acid

You need a basket full of flowers, remove the flies, and put
2 liter of water on the flowers. Keep the elderberry flowers
on full day in the water.
Boil the water without the flowers with four kilo of sugar
and 150 gram of citronacid. Put the lemonade in superclean bottles.

A dune with Sea Buckthorn and flowering Elder.