Scud, sideswimmer, freshwater shrimp

gammarus pulex

This small freshwater shrimp need the most cleanest unpolluted water,
feeding on debris but sometimes praedatory.
Scuds feed Bloodworm and Daphnia

They are eaten by all the other larger pond inhabitants, fishes and amphibians
and waterinsects. The frehwater shrimp is good food for aquarium fishes.
It can be collected in spring and summer.
They have a clumsy way of swimming, slow and with small shocks.

freshwater shrimp , seen from the underside.

A Scud is eating a bloodworm. As this freshwater shrimp is
afraid of loosing its prey to other scuds, the bloodworm is
transported to be eaten safely.

    The fresh water shrimp as seen by the microscope of Jaap Cost Budde

    In search for something to eat
    (gammarus pulex is dwelling the
    bottom of the pond.

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