Lady's mantle

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Lady's mantle

Lady's mantle or Alchemilla vulgaris grows on dry grounds and shady places.

Lady's Mantle or Alchemilla vulgaris showed the glistening beads
of water on its toothed leaves. In the middelages this
"Himmelwasser" was collected and used for alchemy.

A classical "Himmelwasser" photo, Dew formed a .
lake in the middle of the leave of Lady's mantle.

guttation on the leave of Lady's mantle

guttation on Lady's mantle

Dewdrops can be seen on the leaves of Lady's mantle
especially in the early morning. But these are no
real dewdrops , but are waterdrops excreted by
the lady's mantle.
This process is called guttation and happens when
the water-saturation of the atmosphere is high
like early in the morning. At that moment the plant
isn't capable anymore to loose it's water by
evaporation. It removes the water excess by
pumping the water through the 'hydatodes'
(open water-mouths).
Many other plants are capable of doing this,
take a look at water horsetail

    Lady's mantle or Alchemilla vulgaris

    Lady's mantle produces clusters of lovely small, soft yellow
    star shaped flowers. It can be usd as a ground covers on
    shady places and dry grounds.
    Lady's mantle collects waterdrops on the edge of the toothed
    leaves and forms small pools inside the leaves.


    A throughout green plant, with dark brown ,almost black roots
    The height is a about one foot, and the plant is completely
    covered with tiny hairs.


    Plant or seed Lady's mantle in a shady place in the spring
    so it will have enough time to grow before wintertime.
    Lady's mantle is a perrenial plant wich needs little support.

    Other species

    Alchemilla erythropoda: with red flowers
    Alchemilla mollis : the most sold
    Alchemilla alpius : The leaves all have a grey border, and covered with lucious hairs Duits: Alpen-Silbermantel.
    Alchemilla faeroensis : grows in shadow and covers the ground, Icelands lady's mantle.
    Alchemilla grossidens : strong and covers the ground Duits: Grobzähniger Frauenmantel.
    Alchemilla arvensis : used as a herbal medicine the Field Lady's Mantle or Parsley Piert,

    Herbal treatment

    Lady's mantle has a wide distribution in cosmetica as a way to
    soften the skin.
    The tea is used a a treatment for menstruation problems:
    it is employed as a cure for excessive menstruation.
    Parsley Piert is an herbal medicine used to treat kidney stones.

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