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Juglia Regia, Juglia nigrans

This is middle heigh decidouhs tree , producing nuts
and beautiful fruits. An other use of Walnut is as an
ornamental tree in gardens and parks.

walnut wood

Walnut wood is used as a veneer as it is beautiful
and has a warm, rich, high-quality appearance. As
walnut becomes older, the wood becomes more lustrous
as it develops a rich patina.

Walnut is also good firewood but very expensiv.

Walnut or Juglans regia.

An Armenian walnut. The black walnut or Juglans nigra
becomes lartger and broader then the common walnut.

Turkish people consume a lot of nuts , like walnut and mulberry

Walnuts in a shop.


- 1/4 celery root
- 1 red delicious apple,
- 2 spoons of walnuts

This is the traditional waldorf salad , shop this is small parts and add :

- 2 spoons of cream
- 1,5 spoons mayonnaise
- 2 spoons yogurt
- 1 tsp. lemon juice - 1 tsp. sugar

    The leaves of the walnut in backlight. These leaves contain a
    an oil that repels flies

    The unripe nuts of the walnut

    A black walnut is a large and broad tree,
    The branches have an black color.
    This tree is to big for a garden but excellent
    for a cemetery.

    The bark of the Walnut


    This list gives an indication of the quality as a firewood

    Alder fastburning, good firewood.

    Birch good , but burns fast

    Horse chestnut bad quality firewood, hard to ignite.

    Beech very good, but need to be very dry.

    Oak very good

    Lime good.

    Ashvery good firewood

    Mulberry very good , but hard to get

    monkey puzzle woodbad firewood, don't use it

    White poplar smokes, bad firewood

    Black locust or Robiniavery good and exspensive.

    Walnut good , but hard to get

    Yew good.

    Larch bad firewood.

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